Holistic Medicine


Herbs are the oldest form of medicine in the world. For millions of years, plants were the only source of medicine available to humans and animals throughout the world to heal the sick and save lives.

All cultures of the world have used herbs through the ages to heal illness and support health, including the West.

Benefits of Healing With Herbs:

  • Thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, experiences, and usage makes herbs the most extensively tested and reliable medicine.
  • Herbs work with your body, not suppress or negate the natural functions of your system.
  • Herbs are natural therefore they can be assimilated better in our bodies.
  • Herbs are powerful and effective but do not cause damage to health.
  • Herbs are safe for people of all ages including young children.
  • Herbal medicine is safe for both short and long term use especially when taken under the care of a trained herbalist.

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