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  • Dr. Babush Faridi
    One afternoon in May of 1985 I was involved in a car accident. A young man who was under the influence of alcohol was driving a big truck and pancaked me and my little Nissan to the ground. I ended up in Fort Bend Community Hospital in Houston, Texas with many complications including broken ribs and a broken leg. I spent two months in the ICU and one month in a regular hospital department floor. Even though the young man did not have insurance I did not feel the need to prosecute him.

    After months in the hospital of doctors trying to put me back together, I was still in so much pain and had problems walking. I went to every doctor imaginable under the sun. I was poked, prodded and injected with dyes and still nobody could help me.

    One day, a friend suggested I go see a chiropractor. To my surprise I left his office building feeling better than I had in years. That was my cue; I had to be a doctor who cares; a doctor who really cares. I expanded my knowledge and training in acupuncture and nutrition.

    This has given me the best job in the world and I have made myself the best doctor I could be. My biggest concern is getting my patients healthy and keeping them that way.

    It would be my great pleasure to offer and extend my services to you as well.

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